Running a business is hard enough with all the hats you must wear but throw in VAT and that could be too much for a small business owner. Whether you are starting out or have been in business for a while, determining whether you should be VAT registered can be quite a perplexing question to ask.

You will need to make sure you keep the right records, due to the new changes in the reporting regimes for VAT, as well as consider which is the best scheme for your business.

We can help take all that stress away from you, depending on how much you want us to. We can check through your transactions to make sure you are not claiming the wrong items. We can also enter the information for you onto the accounting software allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Want less stress then contact Lesstax2pay to discuss how we can help you achieve this either by contacting your local office via the contact us page or fill in the form below.