Self Assessment

Do you have income which is not untaxed or are you a self employed subcontractor under the Construction Industry Scheme? A lot of people get confused on the reason why they need to fill in a tax return – below is a list of the most common reasons why you would need to submit one:

  1. Director of Limited Company
  2. Self Employed
  3. Partner of a Partnership
  4. Investment Income
  5. Property Owner receiving a rental income
  6. Receiving Child Benefit but your income is in excess of £50,000
  7. Income from Overseas
  8. Selling an investment whether this a property or shares

HMRC put the responsibility onto you to make sure your tax return is filled in correctly. You can fill in your own tax return; that is your prerogative. However, we use an analogy in Lesstax2pay when explaining why they should appoint us. “We could paint our meeting room ourselves and get it done, but getting an expert in who deals with this on a daily basis, is by far less stressful.” While we also say the responsibility is yours to make sure your tax return is filed on time and the tax is paid. We certainly can be that helping hand to make it less stressful.

As part of our fee, we will be your nominated tax agent which means we can speak to HMRC on your behalf about any letters they may send you.

If you wish to find out more about this service or any of our other services then please fill out the contact form below or if you wish to contact your local office feel free to visit the contact us page.