Annual Accounts – Limited Companies

Running a limited company has many compliance driven tasks, which can become overwhelming if you do not have the right partnerships in place.

We believe the relationship between a business owner and their accountants is a relationship which when is fostered correctly has many benefits for all parties. This starts before the year end has passed by being able to have effective planning in place, also while requesting the paperwork early enough to stop the rush at the filing deadline.

Every Limited Company has 9 months to file their accounts with Companies House from their year end date. If the accounts are 1 day late, there is a penalty regime which starts from £150. A Corporation Tax return is generally prepared at the same time as the Annual Accounts to give you a good overview of where the company stands profit wise as well as the tax liability.

Having your accounts done early enough will give you the platform to understand where you are heading. Also with the changes in reporting to HMRC over the coming years this is the time to make sure you have all the right processes in place.

Everything we do is on a model called true fixed fee – this is a fee worked out for the following 12 months to process your compliance needs. We review this on an annual basis to make sure your requirements are still the same.

We look to become the half you need to dedicate to compliance thus allowing the whole of you to concentrate on your business.

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